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From Mistakes to Masterpieces

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

Virtually every great artist has made a mark on their work that was seemingly irreversible and not of their initial intent. Anything from an accidental splatter of paint to the focus of the image turning out disproportionate has caused many people quite a bit of frustration. But the key to being great in any area of life lies not in the absence of mistakes, but the path one takes after they are inevitably made. Artists will utilize the advice of turning mistakes into masterpieces; meaning, they will look at a perceived error in one’s work, and assess how they can alter it to their good. This translates into anything from turning a blot of ink into a puff of smoke, a smudge into sunglasses, or a chipped stone into a facial detail. And as we are all artists, this can be applied to everyone! If you get an unexpected grade on an assignment, try seeing how to learn from your errors to get better nextime. Or if you and your friend aren’t seeing eye-to-eye, shift your perspective and find out how to best solve the problem. In the end, mistakes will happen, but you can always turn them into incredible masterpieces that you can be proud of!

-Henrietta's Creations Kid Blogger

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