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(Photo by Samantha Jean on Unsplash)

When people are disrupted in their work, or are aggravated in some way, some may use unkind actions or words to get their point across. And during the holidays, there can be disruptive occurrences that can cause upset. For instance, if a gift you wanted to give goes out of stock, or if you run out of wrapping paper, but the stores don’t have any more. But gentleness is another approach to reacting to frustration. When people respond with gentleness, the circumstance typically lightens up. In our life, we may see people using negative ways to respond to a situation, but gentleness is another option. Instead of yelling, you could take a breath and calmly respond. Instead of hitting, you could use your hands to help in the situation. Today, I encourage you to be gentle if ever tough conditions arise.

-Henrietta's Creations Kids Blogger

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