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Joy to the World!

The holidays are upon us! From Thanksgiving in November to New Year’s Day in January, these days are fun, festive, joy-filled, and a lot of people can’t wait for them to come!

However, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be especially tedious, as one holiday just passed, and now one has to wait about a month before the next one comes around again. Often it can also be filled with stress about getting ready for Christmas, so much so that it has its own name to describe this stress: “holiday blues”.

However, instead of focusing on the holiday or the stress that could come from it, it is important to focus on the positive sides of the holidays. Friends and family come together, schools allow their students to take a break from their studies, and there is an opportunity for contentment and joy that is easier to feel than any other time in the year. As the old hymn says, the holiday season is a time for “Joy to the World”!

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