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Did you know that music has been around since the beginning of time? Just about everyone has a favorite song, but few know about the history of music, and why it’s important to listen to the right kinds.

Humans all over the planet have enjoyed music. Remains from the earliest known cultures have revealed flutes carved from bones, primitive lyres, and even a drum made with alligator skin. In early times, music was used to entertain just as it does now. Throughout history, music expanded exponentially as people created new instruments and found fresh ways to combine the sounds of them. As time went on, the need to create memorable songs in order to gain a profit for an individual took priority in the eyes of many music makers, leading to the creation of hundreds of catchy songs enjoyed by many. Many songs get stuck in your head after only a few times of listening, which is why listening to songs without harmful or bad topics is important. Even tunes with a depressing vibe or lyrics should be curbed.

Music has been woven into the lives of just about every person on earth. It can inflict all sorts of emotions upon us, and even provide health benefits! Listening to the right songs can enhance music appreciation. If that’s done, you can enjoy music comprehensively, taking part in the universal language of the world!


Henrietta’s Creation’s Kid’s Staff

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