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The Importance of Integrity when Writing

Sometimes writing can be tiresome. Personal writing projects might be nice, but having to write multiple paragraphs on less-than-entertaining subjects? Not so nice. The temptation to look up an article and quietly paste it into your document to get the writing assignment over with might come up in times like these. But no matter how attractive such an idea may sound, don’t do it! Instead, remember to employ the trait of integrity, meaning that you are honest in your work. Plagiarism, which is when a person essentially steals another’s work, not only lacks integrity, but can also get you in legal trouble sometimes! So anytime you have a writing assignment, just write it yourself. You will not only avoid trouble brought on by plagiarism, but you will also have employed integrity and be able to be proud of your work!

-Henrietta’s Creations Kid Blogger

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