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Spring is here! This season brings pleasant sunshine, fragrant flora, and rising temperatures. And with all these wondrous factors, we can’t forget the one aspect just about everyone loves to despise–bugs. Whether they’re buzzing around trees and flowers, ravaging your freshly planted garden, or scaring you while they waltz up your arm, insects are the bane of about ¼ of Americans alone.

In many cases most bugs aren’t as dangerous as one might fear. Most venom-bearing insects, like many other dangerous animals, don’t attack unless provoked, which is why it is best to remain calm if you encounter one. Some people don’t like bugs because of the nuisance they are in homes or gardens; using environmentally-friendly pesticides can keep bugs away safely and your plants healthy. Then there are those who just don’t like the way they look or move, and may even wonder what is their purpose.

Many bugs are useful: bees and butterflies (and in some cases, flies) pollinate crops, dragonflies and spiders can eat pests, and worms are responsible for nurturing the dirt! At the end of the day, it’s fine to not prefer bugs, but don’t let them stop you from enjoying this spring!

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