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Answerless Questions

There are many things in life that are unanswerable. Why is the sky blue, instead of purple?

Why can bees sting, but not butterflies? What really happened to the dinosaurs? Why does school exist?! Dwelling on such questions for a long time can sometimes frustrate a person, since there isn’t a concrete response. However, not having all the answers is actually a good thing! A lack of answers can keep a person ready to learn more, allowing them to be humble and the opposite of an annoying know-it-all. If you knew the truth behind your unsolved mysteries, you might be disappointed or shocked at the answer. Some questions, such as whether aliens exist or not, might be unknown so that you can let your imagination fill in the blanks! So anytime an answerless question pops into your head, you can remember that not knowing is sometimes best!

-Henrietta’s Creations Kid Blogger

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