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April Fools Day Origin

April Fools Day is April 1st. Some people find ways to fool people, but some get fooled. It still can be fun (or not fun if you’re being fooled). One question you might want to know is: how did April Fools Day start?

No one quite knows for sure, but here are some theories. Some sources say that April Fools Day started when France wanted the Gregorian calendar to replace the Julian calendar; the Gregorian calendar’s new year was January 1st. Some people who didn’t get or want to accept the news that the new year had been changed to January 1st instead of the period of late March and April 1st, got pranked on and were called “April fools”.

Another theory says that April 1st became the fool’s holiday when Geoffrey Chaucer’s, The Canterbury Tales, had the words “32 March,” or April 1st. Though, some scholars think it was a copying typo. Regardless of how it started, April Fools Day is still a fun (or not) holiday (for most).

-Henrietta’s Creations Kids Blogger

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