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Birthdays Around the World

(Photo by Morgan Lane on Unsplash)

Once every year in America, you celebrate your birthday! Perhaps you do the things you want to do all day long. There may be cake, balloons, cards, presents and even more fun stuff. But what do birthdays look like around the world?

In North Korea, they do not celebrate birthdays on July 8 or December 17 because it was the day that two very important politicians died. In China, on a baby’s first birthday they have what is called a Zhaozhou. Things are put in front of the child and based off of the thing that they pick is used to forecast the future. In the Netherlands, they eat fruit filled tarts with whipped cream called Taarties. In Russia, it is common to have a personalized pie on your birthday.

From zhaozhous to fruit filled tarts, the world has many different ways to celebrate birthdays. From cake to future forecasting, no matter what you do on your birthday, happy birthday to you!


Henrietta’s Creations Kids Staff

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