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Change: Good or Bad?

Photo by zero take on Unsplash

From the turning of the seasons to the transition from night to day, change is all around us. However, while a kid may be excited to turn their next age, an adult may be saddened for the same reason. If the circumstance that is occurring to two people is the same, why does one think he/she is experiencing a good change while the other thinks that his/her change is bad?

The key to whether any change is good or bad is our perception of the circumstance. That is, if we think a circumstance is good, then it will be and we will be happy, while if we think it’s bad, it also will be and we won’t be happy.

Therefore, if a circumstance seems like it will be bad, you have the power to make it seem good instead! For example, if you are starting school again, don’t think about the difficulty of the classes or that you can’t play as long anymore- think about the fun you’ll have learning and/or the new people you could meet! If you continue to look at different circumstances with a positive outlook, you’ll have more circumstances that you enjoy, and you will be holistically happier as a result.

-Henrietta’s Creations Kids Blogger

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