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Chocolate’s History

Did you know that October 28th is National Chocolate Day? Luckily, chocolate is so good, you can have it year-round! But do you know how chocolate was made into the sweet treat we all know it to be?

You might be surprised to hear that chocolate used to be served as a drink. The Mayan people drank it warm while Aztecs drank it cold. Chocolate was introduced to Spain centuries later in the 1500s. After 300 years, a man named Joseph Fry mixed melted cocoa butter, cocoa powder and sugar together to make moldable chocolate. This led him to open a factory that sold chocolates, which is the prelude to many of the chocolate candies we know of today.

Now chocolate is used for so much more than a drink, such as a coating for fruit, an icing, a type of syrup and even as an ice cream flavor! So next time you enjoy this delicious treat, you can remember where it all came from. And you can be happy because research shows that it can even be good for your health!

-Henrietta’s Creations Kids Blogger

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