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The holidays are on the horizon, and many families around this time of year put their fall things away and make plans for upcoming winter festivities. Schools everywhere are entering the final stretch of the semester, and lots of students eagerly anticipate the freedom of Christmas break around the corner. For many, this time can bring the temptation to slack on doing one’s best on schoolwork or otherwise. But in reality, now more than ever is the time to work your hardest, and to employ the character trait of diligence! According to, one definition of diligence is a “constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken”. Being diligent in your work can motivate you to work quickly and effectively, and feel more accomplished once the job is done. It can also inspire those around you to do the same, and this can be helpful if you have a team project to finish, or if you just want to help your good friends out! So even as the holiday season draws nearer, keep diligence in mind as you press forward in finishing the year strong!

-Henrietta’s Creations Kids Blogger

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