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Doing Your Part Can Be Easy!

Every day, the average American produces over four pounds of trash, according to With the accumulation statistics on waste and pollution seeming uncontrollably high, it may seem useless to do anything about it. It may feel that there is just too much to be done to help. But if you make just slight changes to your daily life in order to help protect the beauty and health of our planet, you will keep tons of garbage out of landfills and perhaps inspire others to keep our world clean! Turning off the faucet, lights, or other energy sources when you aren’t using them reduces air pollution. Reusing a plastic bag or cup, or not using these products at all keeps them from ending up in the sea or a landfill, and recycling and upcycling turns old objects into something new and useful! No matter how insignificant these actions may seem, they will surely add up and you can feel good about doing your part for our world!

-Miffy Muff

Henrietta’s Creations Kid Blogger

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