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Genuine Love

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and all around the country people will give flowers, chocolates, cards, and other gifts to the people they love. However, if these people were to not be nice to the ones they gave the gifts to the next day, would they truly love them?

Gifts are nice, but one needs to be careful that they do not equate the gift itself to whether the person truly loves them or not. Love isn’t just shown by how much you give someone, or how many times you say you love them. Love is shown by caring for a person no matter what, and helping them improve in every way possible.

It is also very important to love oneself, as this is how you are truly able to start loving someone else. Let’s say you believed that someone truly loves you, but they then showed you that they do not. If you continue to be with them just because they continue to say they love you, you will not be improving yourself, and you therefore will not be able to inspire them to improve.

So remember, even if someone gives you a gift on Valentine’s Day, look for other signs to see if they truly love you, and you must also be sure to love yourself first!

-Henrietta’s Creations Kid Blogger

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