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History of Cologne

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Cologne is a perfume that comes in daily life for some people. People use it when going on dates, going to work, all kinds of things. It’s useful when you’re going somewhere important. But where did this all start?

Dating back to 1709, the first bottle of cologne was made by Giovanni Marina Farina and named after his new hometown Cologne, Germany. Nowadays, in signs of ultimate success, cologne is the specific name and label for all men’s fragrances. In 1934, the founder of Caron, Ernest Daltroff, created a lavender and vanilla scent, and became the very first fragrance for men. With hygiene becoming more of a social norm, brands of aftershave made their largely sanitary functions obsolete. Therefore, shaving was left and cologne was more popular.

Now, cologne is a staple of fanciness for men. People now from all around the world used this smell good. 300 years, it has been the most useful fragrance ever for men. It works as a gift, a personal bathroom item, whatever you would like it to be. So next time you use cologne just think about the vast 300 year history behind modern cologne.

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