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Sometimes, a task might come to one’s mind and leave him or her with the choice of whether to do it or not in the moment. It could be anything from a group project for school or work, a personal assignment, or a chore that sounds rather undesirable. At times like these, the character trait of initiative might not be the first to come to mind (even though procrastination might!), but it is one that is good to have in mind! Initiative is doing something, whether you feel like it or not, before being asked or reminded to do it. While it may not feel like something you want to do initially, this trait can heighten your morality and not only allow others to recognize you in a good light, but also possibly cue others to follow suit. So instead of waiting to do the dishes or set the table, you can just do it yourself. Going so far as to clean a sibling’s room or to do something for a friend without their requesting it can be an ultimate display of initiative! In conclusion, using initiative can greatly benefit one’s virtuousness, and greatly inspire those around a person to take up the trait as well!

-Henrietta’s Creations Kid Blogger

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