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Staying Motivated

It’s extremely easy to lose motivation with anything that requires work, and that is especially true for small businesses. Creating products, managing finances, thinking of marketing strategies… As if that wasn’t enough, throw in a full time job’s worth of school and other hobbies we enjoy! 

However, managing a business can and should be fun and something that is exciting. This doesn’t mean there won’t be bad days, but having a good attitude can even help you go through the bad days easier than if everyday was already a bad day because you didn’t like what you were doing. Here are some ways that we found make managing a small business easier:

  • Creating items you love to make

  • Finding an ideal time to meet about business things

  • Setting small goals along the way

  • Using a marketing style that is close to your personal style

These things don’t just apply to a business, but also anything that you do that you find yourself losing motivation in. I hope these methods help you the same way they have helped Henrietta’s Creations keep the spirit of Henrietta Happiness! (Below: us staying happy and motivated at Henrietta’s Creations)


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