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The Blessings of Change

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

Order is a fundamental and often greatly appreciated part of everyone’s lives. Whether planned or general, everyone has a routine that they habitually engage in, from the simple cycle of eating meals, to doing school, work, or other daily activities at set times. When shake-ups disturb these comfortable habits, it can be quite frustrating for many! However, change can often incite benefits in one’s life. If an acorn, for example, remained unchanged underground, it would never be able to become a mighty oak tree! In the same way, unexpected changes may not always be desired or pleasant in the moment, but allowing time and positive thinking to reframe your mindset can help you reap the blessings of the alteration! Therefore, whenever change comes your way, remember that although it might not be wanted, there is almost always a way to better oneself in the midst of it.  

-Henrietta’s Creations Kid Blogger

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