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The History of (Modern) Crochet

Sweaters, scarves, blankets--you name it, you can crochet it. But just what are the roots of this old hobby?

Crochet’s origins are not certain, and there is no evidence telling where it surely started. Theories suggest it could’ve started in Arabia, Europe, China, or South America. Modern crochet began to take shape in the 16th century in Europe. From there it spread from Britain to the United States, and developed into different patterns as people began to expand on it. It hit its peak during the 1970’s, and during that time home decor using crochet was quite trendy.

Today, crochet has fused itself into anything from children’s toys to fashionable dresses. It is also a nice hobby to indulge in to unwind after a long busy day for some people. So the next time you pull that warm crochet blanket around your shoulders or drape that shawl around your neck, you can think of the art of crochet and its history!


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