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The History of Soap

We use soap everyday when we wash our hands before a meal, or when we come from gardening outside. But how old is soap?

Soap dates back to Ancient Babylon in 2800 B.C. Ancient Egyptians, Romans, and the Chinese used soap. But soap didn’t get semi-industrialized until the 15th century, in Christendom.

By 1525, in Marseilles, there were two factories that produced soap. In the 16th century in Europe, instead of animal fats they started to use vegetable oils. In the late 18th century, bar soaps became available. In 1865, William Shepphard patented a version of liquid soap. B.J. Johnson made a soap from palm and olive oils which became popular. In the 20th century, liquid soap was made by other companies. So now you know a little more about soap’s history. From 2800 B.C. to now, soap has been used for millennia. That’s what I call a clean record!


Henrietta’s Creations Blog Kid Staff

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