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The Joys of Giving!

Every holiday season, thousands of people look forward to receiving presents from family, friends, or even someone they don’t know. However, one should be less concerned with what they will get for Christmas, and more concerned with what they will give for Christmas.

It may be hard to think of what to give others if you are on a budget or thought of a person to give to at the last minute, but it’s the spirit behind the giving that truly matters, not the object itself.

People are also worried about what the recipient will think about them if they give them a present they don’t like. If you give a gift to someone and they don’t like it, they should be most happy that you thought about them and thought them valuable enough to get a present for. If they nag you about how they didn’t like their present, you should keep two things in mind: you felt satisfied giving it to them, and they are just the type of person who will complain about everything they don’t like. It’s not personal.

I hope these pointers help you to stay happy during this holiday season, and remember: it’s the giving that counts!


Henrietta’s Creations Kid Staff

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