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Time Management: The Freedoms of Summer

Photo by Mateo Giraud on Unsplash

Summertime can be a season of abundant privileges. Some recreational activities people engage in are harvesting fruit, buying ice cream from a truck, walking outside, or chilling at the beach. Many youths especially regard the end of school and looser structure in their days as an especially treasured freedom! In the midst of these wonderful freedoms, however, it is important to incorporate order into one’s summer plans; this helps prevent time from slipping by too quickly and allows your to optimize your free days! One can accomplish this by drafting up a list of summer goals, or choosing to maintain schooltime routines with fun activities in place. Planning seasonal events like a vacation, barbeque, or nature hike can also help individuals stretch out the freetime of summer even longer! No matter what techniques one employs to manage their summer days, to do, maintaining structure in one’s plans is pivotal in reaping the greatest benefits of the freedoms of this phenomenal season! 

-Henrietta’s Creations Kid Blogger

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