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Victory in the Face of Defeat

2021 was coming to a close, and Chillhop Music was hosting a winter themed drawing competition. The theme: Incorporate the Chillhop mascot with your favorite holiday movie. I decided to take the challenge, and within a few days, I had drawn the picture above. Yes, I did it all myself! Some of my family members thought I had copied and pasted my drawing onto our Instagram page, because it was so good. The company themselves even gave me a like! I was pumped, and couldn’t wait to see the results.

The day finally came. With a racing heart I scrolled through the finalists…and mine wasn’t there. I can’t say I wasn’t a little bummed, but overall I felt okay. For one, this hadn’t been the first time I’d entered one of Chillhop’s competitions (and not won). Secondly, while looking at it with me, a family member of mine helped me to realize that my art style simply didn't align with their aesthetic.

Conclusively, I was proud of myself. I had made a mind-blowing piece of art, brought smiles to my family’s faces, and entered the contest again even though I hadn’t won in the past. Even though I hadn’t won Chillhop's award, I had Earned so much more in courage and confidence. I also gained more of an appreciation for my own artistic style and aesthetic!

So if you ever feel hesitant to take a chance due to fear, remember this: There's more to gain from doing than from not!

Yours in Victory,


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