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Be Understanding!

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Imagine a situation where someone else gets something you want, like the last cookie from the cookie jar or a promotion at your job. It may not seem fair, or at the very least, it would probably be disappointing that you didn’t get what you wanted.

However, instead of pouting or staying in your disappointment, it might help if you try to understand the situation. Maybe the person who took the last cookie didn’t know you wanted it for yourself, or maybe they hadn’t had a cookie from the jar yet. Perhaps the person who got the promotion had talked to the people in charge for a while discussing their new position, and you just now found out about it.

Whatever the situation, it doesn’t help to speculate—you should ask whoever is willing to tell you why the situation played out the way it did. And if you hear an answer you don’t want to hear or that makes you more upset, give yourself time to calm down and then assess what you could’ve done in that situation. Better communication? Asking for what you want? Once you fully understand several aspects of the situation, you will have the potential to improve various situations you are a part of in the future.

-Henrietta’s Creations Kid Blogger

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