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Loving Yourself

Love is an important part of everyone’s life. From family to friends (and even pets and pizza!), everyone has something or someone that they couldn’t live life without! But sometimes, feuds and friction result in disarray, which can sometimes result in strife or hardship. If ever one feels this way, it is important to remember to love yourself–in doing so, you can enjoy your life and even inspire others to do the same! Self-love can mean blessing yourself, perhaps through a special treat or spending time engaging in a favorite activity. Compassion and confidence are other qualities of self-love, and being gentle, patient, and kind with yourself is important to cultivate personal appreciation and admiration. Loving yourself is something you can do everyday, and its infectious energy may very well spread to those around you! So regardless of circumstances, you can remember that self-love is an important force that can uplift you and those around you!

-Henrietta's Creations Kid Blogger

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