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Thank You!

When someone takes time to do something for you when you’re not at home or when someone gives you a gift there is a thought of thanks. And a way to show respect back is by giving thanks or saying “thank you”. Make sure you are sincerely thankful about it! Because if you realize you always say “thank you” but don’t like the gift, then people are going to keep on buying the gift for you even when you don't like it. Or if you are always sarcastic people will think you’re not genuinely thankful. Even if you don’t like what they gave you you can respectfully disapprove of the offer and move on without having to feel bad about it. Remember that you don’t always have to give back when someone gives you something. So remember to not be so sarcastic at all times and know when to accept or decline an offer when giving thanks.

-Henrietta's Creations Kid Blogger

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