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The Sun and Summer

This is the brightest thing we can think of. It gives heat at all times, and keeps our world in orbit, and illuminates the sky. No, it is not a piece of toast, it’s the sun (which on a hot day can toast bread)! During summer, the sun is one of the symbols of the season and also plays a big part in the season’s popular festivities. Not only does the sun stay out longer during summer, it also provides blazing heat that makes going to the swimming pool, beach and other water activities fun and seasonal. The longer duration of the sun’s light makes it easier to set up tents later in the day when one goes camping. The sun’s outstanding work makes summer the hottest season on average, and without it we wouldn’t be here. Maybe it’s not something you’ve really taken time to appreciate, but the sun is amazing.

-Henrietta’s Creations Kid Blogger

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