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Orderliness not only keeps things straight,

but also sets the stage to do things that are great!

-Henrietta's Creations

Orderliness makes life feel more neat, and if you have clean surroundings then you can actually think clearer. Having order does not mean throwing everything away or piling things in a hidden place. The definition of orderliness is the quality of being arranged or organized in a neat, logical way. So don't worry, it’s not very difficult. Just start by cleaning your bed, sorting your books, or doing any other chores that you have to do and take initiative. You might not complete all of this in one day, but a good place to start is by planning out your day and avoiding distractions. By planning your day you can know when and where you can be the most orderly. Remember, you can pause and rest but never give up!

Henrietta’s Creations Kid Blogger

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